The primary goal of the project Sounds of Change is to create opportunities and guidance for young music professionals on their way to becoming successful professional artists.

Description and objectives

The primary goal of the project Sounds of Change is to create opportunities for young music professionals to nurture and continuously develop their skills, guiding them to become successful artists.

With the opportunity to enrol on the international orchestra academy, intensive chamber music exchange workshops, attend masterclasses, rehearse, and perform on international stages, we encourage the exchange of experience between young artists and renowned top-class musicians.

Furthermore, performing on stages of diversity provides them with the deeper insight needed to discuss and improve artistic, social, political, and environmental issues.

The activities of the Sounds of Change project include four annual cycles where selected artists will face the opportunity of having professional development experiences at the orchestra academy. We will focus on training for musical skills and personal and professional growth and on complementary levels of contact with professional music festivals and venues, promoting opportunities and an authentic working experience.

The first and second cycles will follow a classic orchestra academy, with a European composer's performance of an original piece. At the same time, the participants will develop the performative layers for the last two cycles.

Sounds of Change aims to promote the arts as a tool to challenge the new generations to think about the future of Europe, supporting the sustainable evolution of a society united in diversity that faces new concerns with the city's sustainable planning and the Environment. The participants and the partners' teams will understand the differences between European regions, focusing on the multiple faces of the European identity, active citizenship, and the sense of belonging to a large European community with common goals and concerns. The arts will potentise social transformation through interpersonal sharing, training, and personal evolution. The participants will develop new musical compositions and multidisciplinary performative outputs, giving extra layers to the orchestral dimension.

The thematic focus is the European dimension, the environmental priorities (green planning/touring) and social transformation by the arts, recognising the European values and artistic work as tools for change.


  • Valorise and disseminate the European cultural diversity through the art music projects to be developed, based on co-creation and co-production between the participants, the guest artists and the partners. They will also consider other performing and visual arts fields for the performances.
  • Promote an artistic capacity-building programme focusing on creative and technical skills for musical performance, stage design and cross-disciplinary performing tools.
  • Promote a musical and performative capacity-building programme supported by disseminating the values of environmental sustainability to the participants (emerging musicians), the audience, and the hosting places' local communities.
  • Create opportunities for international experiences for emerging musicians from all over Europe.
  • Support the professional careers internationalisation of the participants (emerging musicians).
  • Develop innovative and contemporary contexts for live orchestral performance, mixing technology, stage design and other performance levels with music.
  • Increase audience engagement and physical and digital development by increasing cultural access to innovative performances and cultural participation.
  • Valorise the connection with abandoned natural spaces and promote a new level of music performance by a cross-linked action with landscape architecture and new technologies (light design and multimedia intervention. Also, encourage new ephemeral stages connected to abandoned places to support territorial cohesion.
  • Promote women's talents through the transversal programme, supporting their careers and gender equality in the European music sector.
  • Last but not least, it contributes to cultural equality and European integration.

In addition, Sounds of Change aims to stimulate the exchange between artists from different creative backgrounds and disciplines with emerging musicians, proposing new opportunities for circus and dance artists to work at a multidisciplinary level supported by innovative dramaturgical and technical concepts.

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